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Our Passion

At Vegas Pet Odor Removal, we live and breathe for fresh-smelling homes and happy pets. Our journey began with a mission to banish pet odors and stains for good!

We're not just removing odors and stains; we're ​creating a paradise for your pets. Join us in the fight against funky smells and embrace a cleaner, fresher lifestyle!

Eco Friendly Outdoor Pet Waste and Odor Solutions

  •  Grass
  •  Turf
  •  Rock Gardens
  •  Pet Sitter
  •  Concrete
  •  Soil
  •  Dog Walker 

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Home & Commercial Ozone Treatment Services

We provide ozone treatment services to remove malodors to a wide variety of businesses, residences and even vehicles. These include veterinarians offices, pet shops, kennels, animal shelters, houses, apartments, townhomes, cars, trucks, vans, and RVs. (photo of the vets is good)

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